Friday, March 8, 2013


The expansion event above is a good example of what can happen on a perfect day - or more specifically - a perfect moment in the studio: a perfect expansion.
Since my studio is an uninsulated barn-like space it is very much in communication with the weather environment outside. During the warm months of glue season I have to initiate expansion events (drop color) during the early morning hours when conditions are the most balanced and temperate - "just right". But even in this window of time, there are better days than others. Sometimes it's too dry or too humid, sometimes the barometric pressure too low. Many factors come into play.
But when conditions are especially optimal I can feel it. It feels comfortable to me. Pleasant. And what I've discovered is that the glue medium is sympathetic to the same environmental influences. In other words, when conditions are such that i feel good the glue "feels" good too. Because we both share the same liquid density? I don't really know.
All I know is that the pool will be a benign and receptive environment for the color formulas. The expansion will be gradual, full, and smooth with all the graceful flourishes the formula can provide.

Glue is without a doubt the most sensitive and sympathetic material I've ever worked with. Kind of mysterious in that way. Probably the reason I'm still exploring its properties 20 years on...

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  1. You are a master at this---even if the outside conditions are not perfect! But I can see where you can revel in the synchronicity of it all. Just wonderful.