Wednesday, March 27, 2013


#1230, 18" x 18". Ink and watercolor suspended in polyvinyl resin glue on wood.

You may notice this piece looks a little different. It represents what I consider to be a late-season breakthrough. Let me explain.

Making these things is mostly hard work involving intense concentration. The pleasure comes from looking at them afterward. And I look at them alot, sometimes with a very critical eye.
Late this season I became concerned about how, when viewed close-up, the individual expansion events look spectacular - but when viewed from far across the studio many just looked like filled-in dots of color (the events that expand all the way to the edge of the glue pool, what I call "fills").
To me, the events that remained distinctive shapes within the glue pool looked more interesting and dynamic from a distance. This seemed even more obvious to me when a studio visitor commented on the same thing (thanks, Vic).
So I resolved to try creating a piece composed entirely of "non-fills" - formulas known to retain distinctive shapes within their pools.
This piece represents the first attempt and may serve as a starting point when work resumes in Spring of 2013.

Currently in my possession for the pleasure of continual gazing.

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