Tuesday, February 26, 2013


#1223, Chromatic Gradient Strategy, 36" x 36". Ink and watercolor suspended in polyvinyl resin glue on wood.

First large 36" x 36" painting of the season. If you know something about the difficulties of my working process then you can understand the apprehension I feel as I begin a project of this magnitude. The larger the working surface, the higher the risk - from laying down the successive layers of the glue bed to dropping the expansion events.
I take a deep breath and begin with a single drop in the center and work my way out over a period of several days - slowly, methodically, carefully. And between drops I breathe.
Planning the piece is a lengthy process in itself involving hand-drawn grids, scrawled formula numbers, and meticulous color drawings - which can take weeks to evolve.
A symmetrical arrangement of formulas, 4 identical quadrants mirrored. Neutral greys and blacks in the central crux. Dominant hues in horizontal rows gradually shift from warm purple/violets near the center to red, orange-yellow, green and finally cool blues at top and bottom.
All but the single central formula are repeated four times, giving ample oppurtunity to compare the subtle variations of each expansion.
Click to enlarge and see in greater detail.

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