Tuesday, February 5, 2013


#1217 (King's Court Strategy), 18" x 18", Ink and watercolor suspended in polyvinyl resin glue on wood panel.

The King's Court Strategy places the lightest hue (yellow) at the center of the grid surrounded by four symmetrical (mirrored) quadrants of attendant color formulas.
In the overall composition the hues also progress from the center outward both in value (light to dark) and in temperature (warm to cool).
The fact that the individual formulas are the same within each quadrant allows the viewer to compare the variations identical formulas can produce. They are the same but not the same. They are the offspring of identical parents but grow in their own way and establish their own sibling identities.
A study for a much larger work yet to come.

As of this writing, this piece is available through Fresh Paint Art, Culver City, CA.

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