Monday, November 18, 2013


#1301, 24" x 24", Ink and watercolor suspended in polyvinyl resin glue on cradled wood panel.

After hundreds of tests of new color combinations, the 49 most promising formulas were selected for the first "acid test" - application on a permanent glue bed. This piece will serve as a reference for the rest of the season, and will tell me whether more testing is necessary. Lackluster formulas will be weeded out and replaced, and under-represented hues will be noted and their number expanded through further testing.

There are promising results here. I like the variety of patterns - some scattered, some structured; some diffused, some dense. There's an overall impression of opening and closing across the grid, lending it a sequential feeling of animation and moving the eye. (click on image to enlarge)

I've already decided my modus operandi this season will be to let each piece suggest the next. This is the starting point.

Next - "Subtraction"

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